About us

Deco Fantasies has over 80 years know-how of producing 3D honeycomb products. There is a big range of classic decorating products in our assortment to satisfy customer needs and convenience. Choose from the catalog products which are on stock for immediate deliveries. We offer decoration products for all seasons and themes. You will find that 3D honeycomb decorations will make fantastic impact on your decoration.

Today brand products have the need of the right in-store marketing campaign to attract potential customers. Brand consumer loyalty and branding are the most important issues for brand producers. Often the largest part of a marketing budget is invested in media campaign advertising. However, with the quantity of information channels increasing so rapidly, many brand producers have come to recognize the necessity to increase marketing at the point of sale.

During last years our in-house designers has gained a unique experience in developing, constructing and producing 3D promotion products, perfectly adapted to product design, point of sale and marketing campaign.

We are very excited to announce that we can deliver flame resistant honeycomb products. Contrary to the normal standards of the industry our flame proof quality is bright, beautiful and colorful – and absolutely not flammable.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever campaign you are planning, you will find that Deco Fantasies can afford spectacular 3D promotion products enhancing your product and ensuring your success.

Welcome to 3 dimensional world!

Deco Fantasies