Decoration for hanging 

Any space could be decorated with tasteful hanging decoration, adapted to the season or special event. Look for the decoration with this symbol, use your creativity and create a unique festival atmosphere or make an accent on your brand in point of sale.

Decorations for standing

Decorations with this symbol could be placed on every dry horizontal surface. It is easy way to create a visual effect or make an accent with decoration on the most visual area.

Arch Hardware

Arch Hardware is an exciting decoration accessory which in combination with our complementary products can create perfect decoration. Arch Hardware can be fixed to a table, to a wall, in a doorway, etc. It can be used with all our specialty garlands. Try to combine more arches with different garlands of your choice. It looks great!


Here you will find list of recommended colours. These colours are classic, most eye-catching and most favourite of our customers. If you cannot find the colour you need, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department and we will make colour proof for you. We can produce almost all shades presented in Pantone colours chart.

Flame Resistant Items

This symbol presents our range of flame resistant products. Each of our products may be made of non-flammable honeycomb paper according to customer's request. Our flame proof quality is bright, beautiful and colourful – and absolutely not flammable. Please feel free to contact us if you need flame resistant 3D paper decorations.